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I am a photographer that started from nothing. Had no motivation to do science, mathematics, english, or any school work, but did enjoy Multimedia & Graphic Design. I Found a passion for graphic design in school and wanted to pursue a lifetime career in that. Ended up taking 4 yrs of Photoshop and Illustrator through High School. Had big dreams of creating billboards, flyers, posters, and any commercial projects. After finishing High School, I no longer had the motivation or inspiration to pursue a career in that field.  Little did I know I had a creative eye looking through a camera. I picked up a camera one day to go out with friends and mess around wth some different objects. Thats when I fell in love with holding a camera and capturing those once in a lifetime memories. Being able to capture those funny/loving moments is when I knew photography was going to be my career choice. Watching someone smile or cry after looking at your photographs could honestly be the best feeling in the entire world. You knew you had created a lifetime memory that the family will treasure & hold close to their heart for the rest of their lives.  

Let me take you under my wing and show you my eye for photography!

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